Every business owner knows that fire alarms save lives and property. But the only way for them to do this is if there are enough of the right kinds of alarms installed and they're located where they need to be. How can you know what's sufficient for your business property? Here are four tips to find the right mix. 

1. Start With Regulations. Commercial properties must comply with fire codes regarding the installation of fire alarms and other monitors. So this is the best place to start as it provides minimum requirements. You will probably have to place at least a smoke detector in each separate room, in hallways, and/or on each floor. Planning to meet fire regulations ensures you won't have any expensive changes to make later on. 

2. Consider Room Use. To decide whether to install fire protection devices and which kind, consider how the space or room will be used. A standard office room might be sufficiently protected by a wired smoke alarm when paired with building-wide measures like a sprinkler system. But a lab that uses dangerous chemicals or heating appliances may need additional protection in the form of more than one alarm, perhaps near different stations. 

3. Factor in Escape Routes. The point of commercial fire alarms is, first and foremost, to help prevent injury and death among those doing business on your property. So, how easy is it for people to exit the area in question? If you install one alarm, as required, in a hallway, will that give enough warning for people to escape the hallway? If the alarm is far away from the nearest exit, their route could be blocked by fire or smoke by the time the alarm is triggered. In this case, you may need to install two devices for better coverage. 

4. Use Targeted Alarm Types. You have a wide array of fire protection devices today. For instance, a workspace where people use soldering or welding devices could trigger fire alarms too frequently due to open flames. In this case, you might replace the minimum standard smoke alarm per room with various heat sensors programmed to react only to inappropriate heat levels. 

Clearly, the right combination of fire alarms is unique to each commercial enterprise. Only a fire protection professional can help you assess your usage to find the answers you need. The result of your extra effort will be the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property, employees, and customers are safe at all times. Call a fire alarm installation provider, like Eastern Fire, today to learn more.